Masterclass Timetable October - December 2021

Please click the link for the Masterclass Timetable for this session.  Thank you.   Icon for pdf Masterclass Timetable October - December 2021 [410.25KB]

Health and Wellbeing 

Thank you to those Parents/Carers who joined the recent Health and Wellbeing Information Evening, we hope you found it informative.  As requested please find attached the overview of our Outdoor Learning Programme to date.   

Please also click the link for an update from students on the ongoing Health and Wellbeing work taking place in Armadale Academy.        Icon for pdf Overview of Outdoor Learning Programme [447.32KB]

Parents' Evening Booking System

Please click on link for Parents' Evening Booking System Manual and Video Meeting Information.   Thank you.   Icon for pdf Parents - How To Access Parents' Evening Booking System [739.8KB]      Icon for pdf Video Meeting Information for Parents [321.12KB]   

Bonfire and Firework Safety

Please click on the attached for important information regarding bonfire and firework safety.   Thank you.        Deliberate Fire      Fire Misuse     Think of Others

Head Teacher Update 11 October 2021

Please see attached weekly update from Mr Paris, Head Teacher.  Thank you.   Icon for pdf Head Teacher Weekly Update 8 October 2021 [3.2MB]

S1 & S2 My Skills My World Parents' Evening 

If you made an appointment at the recent My Skills My World parents' evening, please take the time to fill out the attached survey. This will help us on our improvement journey.   Thank you.

Armadale Academy Young Carers Group

Pleas see attached document regarding Armadale Academy Young Carers Group.   Thank you.   Icon for pdf AA Young Carers Group [255.46KB]

Family Learning Survey 

As a school, we are committed to engaging and supporting young people and their families not just in school, but also through dedicated Family Learning Sessions. Over the course of this session, we would like to host a variety of Family Learning Sessions. However, it is important that you, as our School Community, has the opportunity to suggest themes or topics. The Family Learning Sessions will be held via a digital platform or in school. 

Please complete the Microsoft form to help us shape what you would find most helpful at these events.


Temporary Service Adjustments - School Transport

Parents/Carers of pupils who use school transport services to Armadale Academy please note due to a road closure at Lower Bathville, Armadale some temporary service adjustments will be in place for the duration of the works from 27 September until 1 December. Please click on the following link for updated timetables and stops. The services affected are  SCH347, SCH349 & SCH482 to Armadale Academy.   Thank you for your patience & understanding during this essential closure. 


Letter from Scottish Government 16 September 2021

Please see attached letter from Scottish Government. West Lothian headteachers will issue the 'low risk' contact letters when they are provided by NHS Lothian Public Health. It is anticipated this will be from Wednesday 22 September.     Icon for pdf Scottish Government Letter 16 September 2021 [164.33KB]

Update from NHS Lothian - 13 September 2021

We appreciate there have been a number of changes in how cases of COVID-19 in schools are being managed since the start of term and that this has caused some confusion. We hope this letter from NHS Lothian helps explain these changes.   Icon for pdf NHS Lothian Update 13 September 2021 [211.14KB]Icon for pdf Weekly HT Update 24 September 2021 [6.84MB]

Locker Letter 2021-22

Please see attached locker letter for this session 2021-22.   Thank you.   


Bounce Back Stronger Programme

On Monday and Tuesday next week, we have a company called Live-N-Learn coming to deliver transition workshops to our S4 pupils. Learners will focus on the importance of their entry to Senior Phase and how it is an important transition point for them; establishing strong routines and good habits for S4 studies; positive mindsets; resilience and motivation. This is part of our Bounce Back Stronger Programme as we settle back into the school routine after extended periods of lockdown. 

Parents can access an online portal which contains handouts, videos and information on resilience, attitude and study strategies (to name a few) all designed to help you support your child as they enter this new stage in their career at Armadale Academy. Please click on the link and enter the passcode SP2021.   Thank You.

Flu Vaccinations

All pupils in S2-S6 will be issued with a form for the flu vaccine at registration tomorrow, Thursday 26 August (S1 forms will be issued at a later date). If you wish your son/daughter to have the vaccine please complete the form and return to school NO later than Friday 3rd September.

Vaccinations will  take place on Wednesday 20th October.

Head Teacher 'Return to School Letter' 

Please see attached letter from Mr Paris, Head Teacher, 13 August 2021. Icon for pdf Return to School Letter 13.08.21 [437.5KB]

S1 Transition Information Sway Presentation

New S1 Parents/Carers please click on the link to access the S1 Transition Information Sway Presentation.  Thank you.

School Leavers

If your child has decided to leave school but has not yet secured a positive destination we continue to be here to help. If your child would like support in securing a positive destination, please advise them to contact our SDS Careers Adviser, Louise Russell, for career information, advice and guidance at or contact their Head of House directly and we will be happy to help. (email addresses below).  

Cochran Head of House

Wood Head of House            

Honeyman Head of House

Please also follow link below which provides a range of guidance for applying to college, employment, apprenticeships and much more


National Qualifications Appeals Process

Please click on the link for letter regarding National Qualifications Appeals Process.  Thank you.   Icon for pdf National Qualifications Appeals Process [581.43KB]



If there are any queries regarding your child's National Qualification results, please contact Emma Reid on .   Thank you.



A reminder that re-coursing for S3-S6 pupils is available Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th from 10am-2pm with a member of the Senior Team. Further opportunities for re-coursing will take place at the start of term.


Head Teacher Summer Letter 25 June 2021 

Please see attached letter from Mr Paris, Head Teacher  Icon for pdf Parent Summer Letter 25.06.21 [565.76KB]

Free School Transport Applications for 2021/22

The application process for free school transport for 2021/22 is now open.   Pupils going into P1, S1, S5 & S6 should apply while all other pupils' passes should be retained for use in August.  If you have lost your pass please use the on-line application form to request a new one.  Full details, along with the application form can be found here 

If you have already applied you do not need to do so again. The closing date for applications is July 2nd  2021 and any applications received after this date will be worked on in order but are not guaranteed to be processed in time for the return to school.   Please note that the process for purchasing fare paying tickets will be clarified at a later date and communication will be sent out as soon as this is agreed.


Student Uniform 2021/22 Information 

Please see attached letter regarding Student Uniform for Session 2021/22   Icon for pdf Student Uniform 2021/22 [429.08KB]

Thank you 


Microsoft Form for SQA Alternative Certification Model Enquires

Please see attached new link to the Microsoft form for any enquires regarding the SQA Alternative Certification Model. Thank you. 


SQA Alternative Certification Model 2021 Update

Please see attached SQA Alternative Certification Model 2021 Update from Mr Paris, Head Teacher. Thank you. Icon for pdf SQA Alternative Certification Model 2021 Update [332.23KB]


Parent Council Head Teacher Update - June 2021


Parent / Carer Survey Feedback 

Thank you for taking the time to contribute to our school improvement survey.
Please find some of the headlines in the attached link. Icon for pdf Parent / Carer Survey Feedback [258.49KB]

School Improvement Planning Survey

Thank you to those who have already responded. We are very keen to get a broad spectrum of views, please take 10 minutes to complete the survey below. Many thanks, Mr G Paris, Head Teacher.

Schools Asymptomatic Testing Programme Survey

Surveys for Secondary School Pupils and Parents/Guardians of Secondary Pupils

The Scottish Government would like your help to improve the schools asymptomatic testing programme.

What is the Schools Asymptomatic Testing Programme?

Some people may have COVID-19 but not have any symptoms. The testing programme aims to help secondary school pupils and staff in schools and childcare settings to find out if they have the virus, so that they and their close contacts can self-isolate. This should help reduce the extent to which the COVID-19 is likely to be passed on in school/childcare communities, reducing the likelihood of outbreaks.

Why are we being asked to complete a survey?

The Scottish Government would like to learn how to improve the testing experience for school communities. In order to do this, we are asking secondary school pupils and the parents/guardians of secondary pupils a few questions about their experience of and views on the testing programme. The surveys should take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Pupils aged 15 and under will be prompted to discuss their participation in the survey with a parent or guardian.

Please watch this short video from Professor Jason Leitch encouraging people to participate:

Do we have to fill out the surveys?

Your participation in the surveys is voluntary. You may choose not to participate. If you do decide to participate, you may withdraw at any time. All replies are anonymous. We will only use the information you provide to help improve the testing programme and the support we give to those involved. Thank you for your help.

Is anyone else being asked to do a survey?

Yes, we will be asking school staff and others involved in managing the testing programme for their views too.

Links to the surveys

Here are the links to the surveys:

·         Survey for secondary school pupils (click on the underlined text/hyperlink)

·         Survey for parents/guardians of secondary school pupils (click on the underlined text/hyperlink)

If you have any questions about these surveys, please feel free to get in touch with

SQA Assessment in 2020-21

Please see attached SQA Assessment in 2020-21 letter for your information. Thank you.  Icon for pdf SQA Assessment in 2020-21 [626.91KB]

Armadale Regeneration Group

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Armadale Regeneration Group would like to hear how COVID 19 and its impacts have affected you, your loved ones, neighbours and community. This survey will help us find out what the needs of the community are and identify what services and activity you would like to see.

'Free School Meals and Additional Payments'

Please see attached letter for information regarding 'Free School Meals and Additional Payments'  Icon for pdf 'Free School Meals and Additional Payments' [305.89KB]

COVID 19 Asymptomatic Testing  Programme  

Please find attached COVID 19 Asymptomatic Testing Letter, Privacy Notice and Consent Form for the attention of all S1-S3 students and their parents/carers.  These documents have also been sent by Groupcall e mail.   Please note the consent form must be printed, signed and returned to the school, if you do not have access to a printer, copies are available from the school office, these can be completed when collecting your first Test kit. Thank you.  Icon for pdf Parent/Pupil Covid Testing Letter S1-S3 [631.38KB]   Icon for pdf Consent Form Updated 11/03/21 [125.43KB]    Icon for pdf Privacy Notice - Updated 11/03/21 [986.27KB]

S3 into S4 Course Choice

Please find attached a summary of the course choice options available for your child as they make their S4 course choice options.    S3 into S4 Course Choice [223.38KB]

Senior Phase Coursing and SQA Update

Please click on the link for presentation from Information Evening on 25 February.  Thank you.   Icon for powerpoint Senior Phase Coursing and SQA Update [3.23MB]

Students interested in a University Pathway

A West Lothian event aimed at S3 and above interested in a university pathway and their parents/carers will take place on Wednesday 24 February from 6.30 - 7.30pm. Edinburgh, Stirling and Napier Universities will all speak at the event and it's open to all schools. Please sign up to the event using the following link:

Armadale Academy Remote Learning: Parent/Carer Survey

Armadale Academy is a listening school and we welcome your feedback. Please complete this short survey which will allow us to gather your views and evaluate our remote learning provision by clicking the link.


Test and Protect Guidelines

Can we please remind students that they must remain on campus at all times during the school day in order to comply with Test and Protect Guidelines from the Scottish Government.   Thank you for your co-operation.

Bring Your Own Device - Secure Storage in PE

If students are bringing their own device to school, students must ensure that when they attend PE their devices, and other valuables, are either stored securely in students own lockers or in the valuables box provided by PE. The PE valuables box will be securely stored at all times for the duration of their lesson and valuables will be returned at the conclusion of the lesson. If students do not use their own lockers or PE valuables box then we cannot be responsible for any loss, theft or damage to devices.

'Bring Your Own Device'  Information Letter 11 August 2020

Please click on the link for letter from Mr McKay, Depute Head Teacher regarding 'Bring Your Own Device'   Icon for pdf 'Bring Your Own Device' Information Letter [166.4KB]

Health and Wellbeing Update August 2020

Please click on the links below for Armadale Academy Health and Wellbeing Update for August 2020.   Thank you.

I Pay Impact Automated Payments - How to Cancel  

Instructions on how to cancel I Pay Auto-Payments can be found in the attached document.   Thank You.   Icon for pdf IPAY Autopayments [97.0KB]

Triple P Online Parenting Course 

Please click on links for information on Triple P Online Parenting Course.   Set up your child (or teen) for success.   Icon for pdf Triple P flyer [974.94KB]    Icon for pdf Triple P Online for Parents [72.39KB]

Helpful APPS for Students

Please click on link for some helpful APPS for students.   Icon for pdf Helpful APPS for Students [216.64KB]

Armadale Academy Learning Pathways

S3 into S4 Learning Journey

Please click on link for S3 into S4 Learning Journey Parent Advice Leaflet.  Icon for pdf S3 into S4 Learning Journey Parent Advice Leaflet [150.46KB] 

Parents Portal  -  if you haven't already signed up please click on the link  Services available include Annual Data Check, View Attendance, View Timetable (secondary) & access to iPayimpact.  Next service due for release will be Permission Slips/Consent Forms for trips etc.  Further information can be found at

Managing Pupils' Healthcare Needs in West Lothian Council Schools

Please click on link for information on managing pupils' healthcare needs in West Lothian Council schools.   Icon for pdf Managing Pupils' Healthcare Needs in West Lothian Council Schools [553.05KB]

Asthma Awareness Information

Please see attached NHS Lothian Asthma Awareness information.   Icon for pdf Asthma Awareness [1.31MB]

Mental Health Support Information for Parents and Carers

Please find attached Mental Health Support Information for Parents and Carers.   Icon for pdf Mental Health Support Information for Parents/Carers [749.8KB]

Winter Ready 

Work for students in the event of 'Snow Days' can be accessed from here  Family Learning

Letter for Young Scot Card Holders

Please find attached letter for Young Scot Card Holders from Young Scot, Historic Houses, Historic Environment Scotland and The National Trust for Scotland.   Icon for pdf Young Scot Letter [51.39KB]

Improvements in Attainment Poster

Please find attached Armadale Academy Improvements in Attainment Poster.   Icon for pdf Improvement in Attainment Poster [711.18KB]

  HMIe Report

Please find attached the letter prepared by HM Inspectors following the inspection of the school.  The letter and Summarised Inspection Findings (SIF)  will be published on the Education Scotland website at Education Scotland

RME (Religious & Moral Education)  

If any parent/carer wishes to withdraw their child from RME and Religious Observance in the school, they should contact Mr Speedie, DHT in the first instance.