Teachers draw on a range of approaches to meet the needs of students through carefully planned and well paced learning experiences. The aim is to provide an environment of creativity and innovation, to:

  • Build physical competence
  • Improve aspects of fitness
  • Develop personal and interpersonal skills and qualities
  • Enhance the student experience by encouraging participation in physical activity out with the 'school day'
  • Establish patterns of activity that can be sustained into adulthood
  • Investigate links between diet and physical activity
  • Make appropriate use of technology
  • Provide opportunities for collaborative and individual learning
  • Provide opportunities to analyse, explore and reflect

In S1/S2 selected students may be invited to apply for the Armadale Academy 'School of Sport Programme'.

In S2 students can opt into an additional Physical Education option as outlined in our S2 Course Choice Booklet.

In S3 students can opt into an Physical Education option aimed at Level 4 Experiences and Outcomes. This course is outlined in our S3 Course Choice Booklet.

In the Senior Phase students can seek to gain qualifications in Physical Education from National 4through to Higher level. Physical Education related courses are also available in the 'Skills for Life, Learning and Work' pages within our website. Course outlines and entry requirements are available in our Senior Phase Course Choice Booklet.