Young people have an entitlement to learn about Scotland. Through an IDL students can link their Experiences and Outcomes. There have been a number of major events happening in Scotland this year - for example the Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup, 100th anniversary of WWI, 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn, Edinburgh Trams Project, New Forth Crossing, Victoria and Albert museum in Dundee and the Independence Referendum as well as 2014 being the Year of Homecoming.

In S2 students link their learning in PE and English through the Scotland IDL. Members of staff plan the event around the Learning Intention 'to learn about Scottish Culture through dance and poetry.'

In PE students learn Scottish country dancing and this culminates in a ceilidh for all S2 students.

In English students learn about Scottish poetry. During the IDL students had to create their own Scottish poems using knowledge from their previous learning.

The IDL gets students to link their learning in PE and English by creating an advert for Visit Scotland.