Teachers draw on a range of approaches to meet the needs of students through carefully planned and well paced learning experiences. The aim is to provide an environment of creativity and innovation, to

  • Take account of and value religious and cultural diversity within our community
  • Develop, through knowledge and understanding, discussion and debate, an ability to understand other people's beliefs
  • Encourage the development of enquiry and critical thinking skills
  • Recognise and build on connections with other curricular areas
  • Make appropriate use of technology
  • Provide opportunities for collaborative and individual learning

In S3 students can opt into a Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies course aimed at Level 4 Experiences and Outcomes. This course is outlined in our S3 Course Choice Booklet.

In the Senior Phase students can seek to gain qualifications in Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies  at National 5 through to Advanced Higher level. Course outlines and entry requirements are available in our Senior Phase Course Choice Booklet.