One of these roles is being a "peer supporter".

The aim of peer support is to offer help and advice to younger students to enable them to achieve their potential academically and socially. Peer supporters help students improve their skills and confidence, develop resilience and strategies to enable them to address and cope with issues or problems which can arise, ensuring that their experiences at Armadale Academy are positive ones.

Specific tasks undertaken by peer supporters are:

  • Being part of an S1 Registration Class, assisting the Mentors and being positive role models
  • Supporting classes within the Broad General Education, S6 peer supporters link in with departments where they already have a Higher qualification to help within S1-3 classes
  • Leading peer group reading activities with some S2 students in the library, S6 students are trained to assist and support younger students who may lack confidence with their reading and literacy skills
  • Offering support to young people who have experienced bullying or difficulties with their peers, the S6 peer supporter will meet regularly with the young person to listen to their concerns and issues, to offer advice as well as act as a buddy in social areas
  • Offering a drop in service called "Need to talk?" with peer supporters available some lunchtimes for younger students to drop in for a chat on a host of issues or concerns that may be worrying them, issues such as: peer relationships, diet, exercise, sleep, bullying etc

Young people often find it easier to talk to someone nearer their own age about sensitive issues. The peer supporters are trained in aspects of dealing with bullying, sleep, health issues, peer group reading and child protection and confidentiality.