14 September
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The provision of paying £3 per day to families in receipt of Clothing Grant (P1-P4) and Free School Meals (P5-S6) if they have a child that is required to isolate due to Covid-19 guidance and is absent from school is continuing.

The criteria is set out below for parents/carers

  • P1 to P4 pupil and recently received a school clothing grant
  • P5 to S6 and in receipt of free school meals
  • The information provided  will be cross referenced with pupil school attendance records
  • Payment will be made to the bank account notified to us in your recent meals/clothing application (this can be updated at the end of the form if required)
  • Parents/carers will be required to complete one form per child for each period of isolation

Parents/carers can apply by completing the following online form - https://forms.office.com/r/h0W64dPyHp