17 September
Army STEM Event


On Wednesday 15th September, a number of our S1/2 pupils were lucky to have the opportunity to work with the British Army and take part in STEM workshops (Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics). 

In the morning, pupils went on an engineering adventure of discovery, where they explored the incredible possibilities of breaking records. Pupils learnt about rocket cars, their land speed records and the foundational STEM principles behind them before moving on to the challenge of working in teams to design, build and launching their own rocket cars! They were able to record real-time data such as their car's speed and acceleration for analysis in their challenge debrief. They were very enthusiastic and successful in their Engineering and Technology skills and also developed life skills of team work, critical thinking and perseverance. One team managed a new record for the British Army of 69.2kph!!

In the afternoon, pupils learnt about how STEM skills are vital when the British Army deploys around the world and are never more crucial than when disaster strikes! Pupils joined the Army's Engineers, Medics and Logisticians in deploying to a remote part of the world which has been hit by a destructive earthquake. Learning how to build, programme and operate their LEGO™ Mind-storm robot pupils used their robot to undertake a series of engineering and logistical challenges in order to achieve their mission and deliver life-saving humanitarian aid to the local people. These robots were extremely successful in their deployment and the British Army were very impressed with pupils' STEM skills of Programming, Maths, Technology and Engineering. Pupils were also learning key life skills of team work, leadership, critical thinking and perseverance.

The pupils were enthusiastic in both sessions and they learnt a large amount from their experiences. Armadale's STEM team would like to thank the British Army STEM team for coming to join us and to all the staff who were involved in the organisation and delivery of this event. 

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