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    Tobacco Policy

    Armadale Academy is looking to develop and implement a health promoting, tobacco-free policy.
    Two thirds of smokers start before they are 18. Most say they regret having done so. Every day in Scotland, a classroom full of young people take up smoking – that’s 13,000 young Scots each year.
    There are many different factors which lead young people to smoke, but the extent to which tobacco is prominent, normal or accepted around them plays a crucial part.
    Creating a tobacco-free school is therefore an important piece in the jigsaw of support which enables young people to make positive choices on tobacco.
    We want everyone involved in the school community – pupils, teachers, support staff and parents to have their say in how we develop our new tobacco-free policy. With that in mind, we would like to ask you 3 short questions:

    1. Do you think that it is reasonable for school staff to (tick all that apply):*
    2. Do you think that it is reasonable for parents to (tick all that apply):*

    Evidence shows that young people are more likely to become smokers themselves if parents, friends or people that they spend time with smoke.

    3. Would you want Armadale Academy to be smokefree and make sure that no one smokes on the school grounds, in the school building, at the school gates or when they are involved in any school activity?


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