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    During the Spring Term of 2017 Amazon donated several products from their Warehouse to Armadale Academy. The Music Department were delighted to see what had been gifted, and would like to thank Amazon for their generosity.

    We benefitted from a beautiful acoustic guitar on which many of our senior pupils chose to perform their SQA exams, and it is used every day in practical classes. You can click on the mp3 files below to hear Corey Neilson and Stacey Brown (both from our Music Ambassador team) playing excerpts of their programmes on the Amazon guitar.

    We also received numerous sets of Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar strings which have enabled us to bring new life to old instruments in the department for daily use.

    Amazon also donated several long leads which we used for amplification and to run our PA during our Spring Showcase.

    The Guitar Tuners are used day in and day out by students and teachers.

    Finally, something we desperately needed was a stand for our electric piano – which Amazon kindly granted us too, allowing us to free up a desk for better use!

    From all the staff and students in Armadale’s Music Department, thank you!

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