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    Armadale Academy Concert Series

    Armadale has a rich history of music performances over its lifespan. In 2016 we decided to celebrate the ever-expanding music talent in Armadale by forming the first ever Armadale Academy Concert Series. This is a yearly set of musical events that pupils perform live before an audience of their peers, parents and community.

    The concerts incorporate all of our musical talent and give pupils opportunities to perform in ensembles and bands ranging from chamber groups to rock bands. Each concert serves a different purpose and highlights different facets of the student experience in Armadale, and we endeavour to give pupils a platform to explore many avenues of music to help them find their own voice and style.

    Our team of Music Ambassadors help the events to run smoothly from planning to ushering audiences in on the night, and in 2017 a group of Personal Development students in S5 will join the Concert Series team.

    October "Rock" Concert

    This is a concert that has been running for over 20 years, instigated by Mr MacKinnon. The concept of the October concert is that pupils have freedom to choose their own programme and form their own bands. The music department provides equipment, rehearsal space and identify areas where students can collaborate. The result is a representation from every year group, and a varied, dynamic performance which students are proud to be a part of.

    The concert is performed on an evening midweek in October, and the "Highlights" show is performed on the final Friday before the October break in school time to other students.

    Here is a selection of photographs from recent October Concerts:

    October Concert: 2016 (Same Old Story) and 2017 (Another Dimension)

    An Evening of Music at Christmas

    This is a celebration of our instrumental programme, led by visiting music instructors and school music staff. Every week in music there are several groups and ensembles rehearsing repertoire. These groups take place during lunches or after school, and serve to support pupils in receipt of individual instrumental tuition by offering an opportunity to play together, or they exist to allow pupils who have an interest to come along and learn a little more outside of the timetabled classes they take. In recent years our ensembles have grown to involve pupils who are not necessarily studying music in our department, who join us to keep up their skills and perform, and they get to benefit from the expertise of our music team. Our extra curricular music programme is busy and varied, and the result is a well-attended festive evening of music.

    "An Evening of Music at Christmas"  December 2016

    Spring Showcase

    In 2017, Armadale hosted its first "Spring Showcase". This concert displays not only our instrumental groups, but senior pupils, who have just completed their National 5 and Higher practical performing skills exams. Advanced Higher pupils who are still preparing their programmes for exams are also able to perform at this showcase. The Spring Showcase is an ideal opportunity for our Senior pupils to perform without the pressure of an exam, and share their achievements with the community.  It is a well attended event and the evening promises an array of music and dance items to keep audiences entertained and impressed!

    Spring Showcase March 2017

    Other Concerts in the Series

    Within our school year, Armadale's music department produces these three large scale concerts, but we also put on several other events, such as:

    P7 Transitions Concert
    Rock Option and Studio Technology Open Evening
    "Peace One Day" Fundraiser
    S3 Primary School Tour

    Our students also perform regularly at community events such as:
    Christmas Fayre
    Schuh Challenge
    BGE and Senior Phase Awards Ceremonies
    Battle of the Bands

    We hope to see you along at one of our events in the near future, keep an eye out on twitter for updates!

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