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    Chemistry is a core subject for all students in S1 an S2. It is delivered through an integrated Science course. The Chemistry based context involves learning around:

    • Processes of the planet
    • Properties and uses of substances
    • Earth's materials
    • Chemical changes
    • Topical issues

    Teachers draw on a range of approaches to meet the needs of students through carefully planned and well paced learning experiences. The aim is to provide a classroom climate of creativity and innovation, that will

    • Develop in students a curiosity and understanding of their environment and their place in it
    • Support a secure knowledge and understanding of 'big ideas' and scientific concepts
    • Develop skills of enquiry and investigation using practical techniques
    • Develop skills in the accurate use of scientific language
    • Apply safety measures and take actions to control risks and hazards
    • Recognise the role science plays in our lives, the environment and on society
    • Develop and understanding of the Earth's's resources and the need for responsible use of them
    • Allow the expression of opinion and decision making based upon sound understanding
    • Allow appropriate use of technology
    • Provide opportunities for collaborative and individual learning
    • Provide opportunities to analyse, explore and reflect

    In S3 students can opt into a Chemistry option aimed at Level 4 Experiences and Outcomes. This course is outlined in our S3 Course Choice Booklet.

    In the Senior Phase students can seek to gain qualifications in Chemistry from National 4 through to Advanced Higher level. Course outlines and entry requirements are available in our Senior Phase Course Choice Booklet.


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