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    The China exchange is a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to experience and learn about a culture completely different to their own.   The exchange challenges their way of thinking (about education in particular) and opens their eyes to different traditions and ways of life.

    Students begin and end their exchange in Beijing.   They have the opportunity to visit the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace and the 2008 Olympic Sites.   They are also able to climb a portion of the Great Wall.

    Students then move into the school exchange portion of the trip where they undertake a programme designed to enhance their awareness of different cultures and gain an appreciation of a different education system.   This is move away from a tourist perspective of China and instead they are given an authentic Chinese experience.   Our students take part in traditional arts lessons designing opera masks and making Chinese knots.   They even get to make and taste traditional Chinese dumplings!

    At the end of the school day our students are reunited with the Chinese students that they hosted and they spend the evenings with their host families.   It is this experience where students enhance their social skills and are free to build relationships and new friendships with students and their families whose English is limited.

    It’s a truly eye-opening experience and one that lives with our pupils for all of their lives!

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