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    Dancewear Requirements

    Please find below requirements for appropriate dancewear:

    Examination Attire (S4-6):

    Please be aware that for your exam (Technical Skills) in March you will be required to present for examination in appropriate dancewear. Please see below for details.


    Black or dark leotard and tights (footless)
    OPAQUE Black leggings and a longline fitted black top
    Bare feet (Contemporary exams)
    Jazz shoes (Jazz dance exams)
    Ballet shoes (Ballet exams)
    Tap shoes (Tap exams)
    Hair should be tied back in a neat bun or french pleats. No hair should be on the face.
    Light, minimal makeup or no makeup at all.


    Tracksuit bottoms
    Baggy Clothing
    Loose hair
    "Instagram" or "Stage" makeup (okay for performances under stage lighting - not exams!)
    Patchy fake tan (never okay!)

    Attention of all dancers (S2-S6)

    We relax this standard for regular class, but the general rule is: Hair up, appropriate clothes.

    Please ensure clothing is comfortable and easy to move in. Do not wear something that you must fidget with to remain comfortable.

    Dancing in socks is dangerous, please wear appropriate footwear or bare feet.

    If you are injured or ill during regular class, you must still bring appropriate clothes so you may work within your limit. Dance is inclusive of all, so injury must be worked around.

    A note signed and dated from home is required if a pupil is strictly not permitted to participate in dance. In this case students should take notes in class of choreography and technical skills covered.


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