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    House Representative Groups

    Each Registration Class within Armadale Academy elects two class representatives. These students are the main channel of communication between the School Forum, the Senior Management Team and the class they represent. To carry out the role effectively students are expected to:

    • Regularly canvas the views of classmates and represent these views in House Representatives meetings
    • Tell class mates what is on the agenda at House Representative meetings, get their opinion and ask them if there are any other issues they would like to raise
    • Contribute to the agenda for the meeting by speaking to their House Captain or Head of House
    • Participate in House Representative meetings
    • Report back to their class on the outcome of meetings, this could be during registration, PSD, Skills Academy or even during an Assembly
    • Represent their class, House and/or the school in consultation work with external agencies/bodies

    Please click on the link below to access a link showing the House Representatives for the current academic session.

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