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    Our Ethos

    Armadale Academy Vision

    Our vision is to inspire, challenge, support and empower our students to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

    Our school offers the opportunity for all students to succeed.

    The excellent facilities available, allied to commitment of our staff, allow us to offer all of our students the highest possible standard of education in a safe, caring and stimulating environment - an environment in which all members of the school community are valued and their achievements recognised.  

    We aim to offer a range of opportunities that will allow students to achieve and encourage all members of our school community to pursue excellence in everything they do.  

    Armadale Academy Mission Statement

    'Learning Together, Achieving Together'


    Armadale Academy School Values

    Through partnership work with all stakeholders, we aim to provide excellence and equity for all pupils that will meet their educational, personal and spiritual needs and which will enable them to become:

    Successful Learners Confident Individuals Responsible Citizens Effective Contributors

    So enabling learners to then go onto positive and sustained destinations and equipping them with the skills and qualities they will need for the rest of their lives.


    Effective School Leadership

    To ensure leaders at all levels are committed to the highest standards and empower others to take ownership of their learning focusing all leadership on excellence and equity for all.

    Teacher Professionalism

    To ensure the highest quality of professionalism in all staff within our Learning Community through a commitment to professional learning and collaborative work focused on improving the quality of the learning experience for all.

    Parental Engagement

    To promote parental and family engagement as a key factor in helping all pupils achieve the highest standards while reducing inequity and closing the attainment gap.

    Assessment of Children’s Progress

    To ensure robust and consistent evidence and a shared understanding which helps us improve Health and Wellbeing, raise attainment and close the poverty related attainment gap.

    School Improvement

    To ensure the programme of Cluster and School Improvement focuses on the quality of education, learning, teaching and assessment and quality of partnerships that are in place to support learners, families and their broader needs.



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