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    School Forum

    Students from S1 to S5 are given the opportunity, on an annual basis, to apply to be part of the the School Forum.  Applicants are interviewed by S6 students and staff to finalise the exact make up of the group.  The Forum aims to address issues of concern for students and staff that apply at a 'whole school' level. To carry out the role effectively students in the School Forum are expected to:

    • Help create, in co-operation with the Head Teacher, staff and students, a better school experience for the students' of our school
    • Demonstrate leadership and develop further their sense of responsibility and citizenship
    • Become more aware of how the school is run and how learning best takes place
    • Contribute to overall school improvement by being involved in school policy development and to work in partnership with the staff of the school
    • Act as liaison where appropriate between the students and teaching staff
    • Report back to their classes on matters discussed, decisions made and actions arising from meetings and bring issues raised by their classmates to subsequent meetings

    Each School Forum meeting is managed by members of the S6 Leadership Team. The three principal positions are:

    • Chairperson, runs the meeting, ensures adherence to the agenda and endeavours to ensure that all Forum members have the chance to express their views
    • Secretary,  records the minute of each meeting in a designated minute book
    • Vice Chairperson, acts in the absence of the Chairperson or Secretary

    The Head Teacher and Principal Teacher Student Support attend all School Forum meetings.

    Please click on the link below to access a link showing the School Forum members for the current academic session.

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